BERKS 54″ Golf Umbrella Windproof and Rain Proof. Dual Layer Black and Red Golf Brolly

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Product Description

When the team met to collaborate on the design of this golf umbrella, there were several factors that had to be considered, such as the weight and usability.

The strength of the frame was another important factor to consider. As we wanted a strong but light material, we had to run through a series of pros and cons for each material, which also meant a series of coffee runs.

It was decided that the shaft of the umbrella should be constructed from carbon fibre due to its lightweight nature and durability.

One initial setback was that the umbrella wasn’t as flexible as we’d like. However, several discussions later led the team to instil a robust design as opposed to a flexible one, as this would be more manageable in adverse weather conditions.

Fortunately, this was remedied by using fibreglass for the small ribs as well as a dual-layer canopy, which contributed towards a more resilient design that would stop the umbrella turning inside out during windy weather.

The next obstacle was deciding what material would be used for the canopy. There was a unanimous vote for nylon, as the material dries quickly and can repel water with ease.

The team also decided that automatic operation was vital, so the concept of a manual umbrella was quickly phased out.

The handle of the umbrella that divided opinion the most. Following several coffee breaks and in-depth discussions, the team finally opted to use EVA Foam sponge due to its ergonomic and anti-slip properties.

As the meeting was ending, another point was raised about the inclusion of an umbrella sleeve that allowed people to carry their umbrella.

I personally felt that this wasn’t needed, but other team members seemed excited by the idea. Given that the inclusion of a sleeve didn’t affect the design of the umbrella, nor was it going to impair the operation of the umbrella, it was decided that consumers should have a choice.


  • LARGE UMBRELLA – Dual layer red and black golf umbrella with a 54-inch canopy. This golfing umbrella is made with strong 190T nylon fabric which has a higher water repellent capability and is quicker to dry.
  • STRONG BUT LIGHT – These golf umbrellas are made with a carbon fiber shaft which is sturdier than other materials, but also lighter. The smaller ribs are in fiberglass – a stretchy material – which despite the robust shaft allow flexibility to the canopy making it wind resistant. These sturdy umbrellas weigh less than 1.5 pounds.
  • COMFORT – With an automatic open functionality and easy-glide opening system, these golfing umbrellas are very user-friendly. The handle is made with EVA sponge foam grip, making it ergonomic and non-slippery for a better grip. This large umbrella comes with a sleeve so it is easier to carry around.
  • VERSATILE – These golfing umbrellas for men and women are not solely to be used on the green, but the elegant design is great for urban use, as a spare umbrella in your car or simply for everyday use. The large canopy can easily shield 2 people and you can use its protective sleeve to carry it around with you.
  • WARRANTY – Choose this large brolly stress-free. We stand by our products and believe in the durability of our goods. We offer an unconditional guarantee against any defects in craftsmanship. If you have any concern, our customer service team will gladly be there to solve it.
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