Fulton StormShield Double Canopy Golf Umbrella – Black

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Supersize and lightweight golfing umbrella ideal for outdoor activities and sports. The Stormshield Golfing Umbrella from Fulton is a large, lightweight golfing umbrella which provides outstanding weather protection thanks to a strong double canopy.The Fulton Stormshield Golfing Umbrella is features a double, vented canopy to increase wind resistance and weather protection. This supersize umbrella has a lightweight fibre glass frame which offers additional strength and a non-conductive frame which allows you to use it safely in storms. A rubber handle allows you to grip the umbrella securely, meaning that carrying it is effortless.FeaturesA large and lightweight golfing umbrella from FultonDouble, vented canopy – increases wind resistance and weather protection.Supersize canopy – additional cover in wet conditions.Lightweight fibre glass frame – provides additional strength.A non-conductive frame – use safely in storms.Rubber handle – comfortable and secure grip.

  • Fulton StormShield Double Canopy Golf Umbrella – Black
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