MAZEL Men’s Single Length Golf Club Irons Set of 9 (Right, Stainless-Steel, Stiff)


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Product Description

Single Length Golf Iron Sets Originates :

2015. Bryson was unique in that he used a custom set of single length irons during these tournaments.Bryson was greatly simplifying the game – one length, one lie angle, one swing tempo, one ball position – genius! Since 2015, single length irons have been rapidly gaining popularity among amateur golfers .

Looking for more consistency from your iron game?

You need to seriously consider our Mazel Single Swing Length Golf iron sets, there very popular in the market ! Contrary to a traditional set of irons, Our Mazel Single Length Golf Irons designed to be the same length throughout the entire set.In addition, the swing ,weight and flex are also the same for whole set.You just need to practise one swing ,then you can use the whole set ,This allows the golfer to use the same swing, on the same plane, with the same feel for 9clubs. The whole set with 37.5inch ,which is a typical 7 iron length.You could buy one individual 7-iron for training ,then you try one complete golf iron full set!

How do Single Length Golf Clubs Iron Work ?

All of the irons have one length, one weight, and one lie angle, which means that they also have one swing plane, one tempo, and one optimum ball position – it’s that simple. Besides the length of the irons, the primary differences in the single length irons when comparing to traditional irons are the loft angles of the clubs, which tend to be a couple degrees stronger for each club.

Specifications :

Club: 4 ,5, 6, 7 ,8 ,9, PW, AW, SW

Loft: 24°,28°,32°,36°,40°,44°,48°,52°,56°


Length: 37.5″

Head Weight: 268g



Swing Weight:D2( steel shaft),D0(graphite shaft)



  • SIMPLIFY YOUR GOLF GAME:single length (37.5 Inches) provides same swing weight and consistent feel for every shot,easy to enhance your performance,perfect for junior and professional players.
  • Stainless Steel Irons Feature a Combination of Large Sweet Spot for Improved Accuracy
  • Low Center of Gravity to Get the Ball Fly Straighter and Longer,More Speed on the Shot
  • High Performance Rubber Grip Offers Good Hand Feel to Hold,Anti-slip & Shock Absorption
  • 9 Pieces Golf Club Irons Including 4/5(Hybrid Iron),6,7,8,9,PW,AW,SW
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